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Water Cooled 72,000 Lumen LED Flashlight!!


This DIY LED flashlight is seriously cool. With eight LED panels, three lithium-ion batteries for power, this flashlight produces an insane 72,000 lumens.For context, the standard flashlight you have at home is probably anywhere between 100 – 800 lumens.

image/text credit: Samm Sheperd

YouTuber Samm Sheperd has built some pretty incredible things, but few compare to his homemade flashlight.That’s because it’s made from eight individual 100W LED chips, each of which produces 9,000 lumens, connected in parallel for a crazy grand total of 72,000 lumens. There will be no need to fear the dark when this thing is turned on.

Check out the complete build and the flashlight showing off its crazy intensity. This is a pretty varied build, requiring soldering, electronics, plumbing, and even a little bit of carpentry.The end result speaks for itself, of course. It sure doesn’t look pretty, but wow, it’s like carrying around a small sun.


After receiving repeated requests for how to buy one, Samm added a note saying that “it would be like $700 and take a month and a half to order parts and make it and ship it.” So it’s not practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.