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Rain Roof – Rainwater Harvesting Project, How To?


Building a Rain Roof as another option to harvest rainwater for home, garden or livestock use. Specifically this is set up for my rainwater garden area but could be used for just about anything.via: homesteadonomics

source/image: homesteadonomics

This project started out originally as a roofing test prop I made to conduct a desert roofing test. Once that was done, the goal was to make the existing framework into a rainwater collection project.

I show the conversion of the test prop into the current roofing configuration, how it works, a little about the rainwater garden area and then I try to answer some questions about the project.


Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest and oldest methods of self-supply of water for households usually financed by the user,it can be used as drinking water, longer-term storage, and for other purposes such as groundwater recharge.via:homesteadonomics

VIA homesteadonomics
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