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RC FIAT G.91 1/2.7 Scale Airplane


What a fantastic flight demonstration performed by Marc Petrak with his unique FIAT G.91.The RC Fiat G91 is the dream of all modellers who love the class and beauty of vintage aircraft.The Fiat G.91 is a jet fighter aircraft designed and built by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Fiat Aviazione, which later merged into Aeritalia.

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Its unique appeal and purity of line, make it the perfect subject for a scale model.The FIAT G-91 on a scale of 1:2.7 is based on the original with all panel joints and rivets. The kit is made of full GfK/CfK sandwich construction (Airex).

This rc airplane has a wingspan of 3.2m, a lenght of 3.9m and it weights 49kg. The airplane is powered by turbine engine JetCat P400-Pro-LN.


The model comes with electric retracts, 90 mm EDF, ESC, lights and a drag chute. This jet incorporates elevator, ailerons, flaps, and rudder control surfaces. The servos, EDF, ESC and nose gear are installed.