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RC Roban HH-60 Jayhawk US Coast Guard 700 Size Scale Helicopter


Adrian gives us an awesome demonstration of his HH-60 in windy and challenging conditions at our local model flying club. This HH-60 has been improved with several 3D printed scale details that make it about as close as you can get in visual detail to the full size.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

From tip-to-tail the HH-60 body kit displays an accuracy of detail to the real aircraft not normally seen in the RC helicopter hobby.This kit comes with a full scale detail cockpit with dashboard, joysticks, rudder pedals, aerials, windshield wipers and more.

Full rear cabin interiors are included (not installed). Floor and ceiling details can be crafted so once the interiors are installed you have an impressively scaled cockpit/interior. The helicopter is powered by a 1100 kV brushless outrunner motor, 80-100 amp ESC and a 6S 22.2V 5000 mAh or higher LiPo battery.


These scale kits house the cockpit in precisely the right location and the mechanics are built into the engine compartment just like in the full scale version. The HH-60 really impresses with the highly detailed and accurately scaled down profile.

VIAEssential RC
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