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Real-Life Optical 3D AR Restaurant Menu

HoloLamp, the first portable, glasses-free augmented reality device that creates optical 3D illusions directly in the user environment.The AR lamp projects the dishes of the menu in full size 3D with realistic and tasty details.

source/image: HoloLamp

The guest sees the aesthetic of the preparation and understands the portion sizes.The guest places the order from his place in full autonomy at any time of the meal. The AR lamp sends the order information to the restaurant kitchen.

The AR lamp projects interactive animated content to tell culinary stories about the dishes of the menu. The stories make the culinary experience more exciting and boost the perception of the restaurant brand.


Using HoloLamp, the diners can easily engage with their surroundings, while smartphones or tablets place a screen between them. The diner is focused on the content and is not overwhelmed by distractive invasive light that is displayed on screens. Because the lamp is in the prototype stage, there is no pricing information, yet.