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Replace Axle Seals How To Fix A Leaking Rear Axle


Learn how to replace axle seals on a solid rear axle that is leaking gear oil. You will know the axle seals are bad because gear oil will drip down the tires and sling everywhere.

source.image: ChrisFix

Luckily with this video you can see the process of replacing the axle seals. First you need to drain the differential. Next you need to unscrew the 4 nuts holding in the axle. Watch the video from ChrisFix:

Then you need to use a slide hammer to pop the axle out and now you have access to the seal. Use a seal puller tool to pop the seal out and then drive the new one in with a large socket or a seal driver tool.


Now would be a good time to replace the rear wheel bearing as well and to do that you need to cut the bearing in half to remove it and then use a pipe with a hammer (or a hydraulic press) to press the new one on.

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