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Rocsie Wooden e-Motorbike Cafe Racer


Inspired from the classic “Cafe Racers” from the 50s, our ROCSIE is “a state of the art” bike. Its elegant design is based in the use of noble materials: wood, leather and metal.This electric motorbike will give a point of reference in your lifestyle.

source/image(PrtSc): rocsie.emotorbike

This e-Motorbike is powered by an electric motor of 1000w of power, a lithium battery ready for 50Km of duration and the speed up to 30 kilometer per hour on flat ground and up to 80 kilometer per hour in downhill.

This striking appearance has an elegant design and uses some various, surprising materials: wood, leather and metal. The use of plastic is almost reduced to zero or minimized as much as possible.


The Downhill track brakes are mated with an inverted front fork suspension. An ergonomic leather saddle complements the laminated wooden frame. Dunlop Vintage tires included as a throwback to a simpler, carefree era.