Home Technology The Raht Racer Might Revolutionize Daily Commutes

The Raht Racer Might Revolutionize Daily Commutes


The RAHT RACER is a power biking vehicle that uses state of the art pedal-electric hybrid technology to amplify pedal power, enabling the rider’s legs to propel the vehicle up to highway speeds, giving the rider the feeling of super strength.

source/image: Science Channel

On a bicycle, your pedals are the accelerator. Same with the Raht Racer, only multiplied a hundred times! The result is a breathtaking new, Iron Man-like, power-sport experience. The Raht Racer is the world’s first highway safe biking vehicle that amplifies pedal power to car speeds. Can it really make it up to 70 mph?

Safer than a motorcycle, or bicycle on a busy street, the Raht has an integrated roll cage, reinforced carbon fiber body and automotive safety features like headlights, tail lights, seat belts & air bag.


High output pedal generator – pedals are connected to generator, not wheels – pedaling generates electricity that goes back into the 20-kWh electric motorlocated in the rear wheel and charges the 9.2-kWh li-ion battery pack, helping to extend its range.