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Seawater Filter For Salt And Fresh Water Using Primitive Technology


Primitive skills expert continues to impress as he grows his wilderness homestead using absolutely zero modern tools.As you know the water in the seas of the world consist of saltwater. Extraction of the salt is pretty straight forward. First collect saltwater into containers. Next filter the water through as fine a mesh as you have. All of the salt and water will go through.

source/image: Brave Wilderness primitive

A good way to do this would be to boil the water. When salty water boils only the pure water will turn into steam, but the salt will be left behind.You could do this with a test tube of sea water. Put a little sea water in the test tube and seal with a stopper, but use a stopper which has a hole in it to connect a length of tubing.

You can put the other end of the tubing loosely in another test tube.Now boil the water in the 1st test tube using a bunsen burner. The sea water will boil and turn into steam. Hot steam rises and will rush into the tubing.


As the steam moves along the tubing it will cool and turn back into water (condense) This clean condensed water can then be collected in the second test tube.When all the sea water has boiled away you should notice that the salt is left behind.After the water boils away you are left with salt and trace minerals. This salt will be fine to consume as is.