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Self Build Giant 65kg RC Pilatus PC-21 Turboprop Turbine


This giant self build Pilatus PC-21 has a scale of 1: 2.5 and a wingspan of 3.75m, the length of the airplane is 4.5m and the weight of the airplane is 65kg. The airplane is powered by a Turboprop Turbine engine that rotates the 3-blade propeller.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

The builder and the pilot flying this airplane in this video is Harald Jezek.This RC PC-21 has excellent flight characteristics thanks to a solid and precise construction.

The fuselage of the turboprop trainer is made up of two parts – making the model easier to transport.The airplane contains lots of detailed solutions for an easy build up. The access to the engine is very easy through a large hatch.


Pilatus PC-21 is a turboprop-powered advanced trainer with a stepped tandem cockpit. It is manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland./DIGITAL RC

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