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Self-Build Solenoid Boxer 4 Cylinder Engine


In this video youtuber Maker B is making a 4 cylinder solenoid boxer engine.Unlike the internal combustion engine, which uses an air/gasoline explosion to turn a crankshaft, the Solenoid Boxer 4 Engine is an electromagnetic device which pulls the piston into the cylinder, using the electromagnetic force to turn a crankshaft.”

source/image: Maker B

oduced with basic hand-operated machine tools, the build process is one to watch. Aluminium and brass are carefully crafted into the various components of the motor, and parts are delicately assembled with small fasteners and plenty of retaining compound. Watch the video from Maker B:

Solenoid timing is via a series of microswitches, installed neatly in the base of the motor and actuated by the crankshaft.Solenoids are used a lot in switches since they can convert electric current into mechanical action.


The density of coils, number of turns, and the current inside a solenoid determine its magnetic fields.The uniform magnetic field in a solenoid is at the center of the long solenoid.The electromagnetic force produced is dependent on the current inside the coils and the number of turns in the coils.