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Self-Built Ultra Tiny Tree House With Modern Interior Design


Full tour of a tiny luxury treehouse! The Birdhouse Retreat is a 160 square foot treehouse that was self-built by a custom home builder in Chilliwack BC. It’s perched 12 feet off the ground and it’s perfectly nestled in a grove of cedars. The interior design has beautiful attention to detail and there isn’t a single wasted inch of space in here.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The treehouse has a functional entrance with hooks and shelves for storing coats and shoes, the full kitchen has loads of storage for food and dishes, the book nook has a cozy love seat that folds out into a guest bed, and the loft bedroom has a Queen-sized bed with two big skylights for stargazing.

The water closet has a toilet, and the outdoor shower is below the house and it’s fully functional year-round. Access to the house is via a cable suspension bridge that bounces as you walk along it to accentuate the feeling of being elevated off the ground.


This is a very cool space and we’re so glad that we got to meet up with Ben to see how he managed to design and build such a unique and functional tiny space./Exploring Alternatives

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