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Shadow Six Racing Typhoon AUV


Conquer any watery landscape that stands in your way atop the Shadow Six Racing Typhoon AUV. This aquatic utility vehicle that’s essentially an ATV atop a couple of jet skis is everything you’ve ever wanted in a horse-powered toy.Part Polaris RZR UTV and part Yamaha WaveRunner.

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Combining the two, Ryan Goldberg created a better overall experience in a personal watercraft he calls the Typhoon AUV Aquatic Utility Vehicle. This new, custom vehicle from Shadow Six Racing.Shadow Six Racing is part of a family of privately held companies that operates in the Defense, technology and motorsports industries. With a diverse background that allows us to meet and exceed ISO quality and Design Compliance Standards.

The A.U.V. is a high-performance side-by-side vehicle designed to handle extreme land and surfing conditions easily. It can go from 0 to 85 MPH in just a few seconds and make 90° and 180° turns at full speed.The Shadow Six Typhoon is constructed from aerospace grade titanium and carbon fiber, and is designed to tackle the extreme surf conditions with superb capability.


The Typhoon AUV holds 1-3 people, has a 37-gallon gasoline capacity, weighs 2,365 pounds, is 10 feet 10 inches long, and is basically a RZR sitting on two Yamaha PWCs with 20 inches of suspension travel.Our custom built reinforced carbon composite racing hulls house twin four cylinder supercharged Yamaha GP1800 SCHO R engines.