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Small Apartment Tour Life In A Beautiful 400 ft² Studio Apartment In The City


Jessica has been living in this 400 ft² studio apartment for 3 years and she’s giving us a full tour to share how she decorated it and set it up to be a small but beautiful & functional space for relaxing, cooking, sleeping, being creative, and working from home.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The apartment is an open-concept space that could have easily become cluttered with furniture and belongings but Jessica thoughtfully laid everything out so that it feels like each area is clearly defined. She also made design choices that help keep the space feeling bright and spacious, like painting the walls white, installing mirrored closet doors, hanging minimalist art, and choosing furniture that blends in rather than stands out (like the glass waterfall table and the white storage chest).video by Exploring Alternatives:

One huge advantage to Jessica’s space is that it has a massive 4-door closet that gives her enough space to store all of her clothes, bags and luggage, shoes, and other possessions. She also has access to a storage locker that allows her to store hockey gear and other larger items.


Jessica plans to move into a larger space when she’s ready to start a family but says this apartment was perfect for this time in her life. The only things she would change would be to have a proper balcony (she has a Juliet balcony but would have liked to be able to actually sit outside), and she would have also liked a little bit more counter space for preparing food./Exploring Alternatives

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