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Spiral Stairs Fabrication Proces How They’re Made


Spiral stairs were once part of a strategy to defend the towers of medieval castles. See how they’re made today! Spiral stairs take less space than a conventional stair and can be a beautiful conversation piece as well.

source/image(PrtSc): Science Channel

Although a spiral staircase cannot be used as the main access to an area of your home, it can be a convenient way to get from one level to another, and, it will take half the space. Watch the video from Science Channel to learn how spiral stairs are made.

The structure of the spiral staircases consists of a central support post that develops vertically where cantilevered steps are inserted.Every spiral staircase is built around a center column that rests on a single point at its base .


You can use a wide variety of materials when building a spiral staircase, however they are usually built in metal or wood.Due to structural requirements associated with spiral staircases the central column running through the rounds stairs’ design is often made of a metal such as steel. The treads can be in timber, steel, glass or stone. With the right material, a spiral staircase can make a home elegant and and beautiful.