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Spot Robot Autonomous Data Capture For Construction


Spot provides autonomous data capture for construction and brings automation to the field for efficient data collection. Accurately and frequently capture the reality of your jobsite and act on valuable data insights.

source/image(PrtSc): Boston Dynamics

Spot can be equiped with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to collect highly precise 3D data on construction progress. It will remotely measures critical areas of the site and compare as-built conditions to design intent within BIM to detect clashes early and minimize rework.

Efficiently create accurate as-built models with 4D asset data that can be used for building operations. Routinely monitor and maintain properties in your real estate portfolio.


Use Spot to survey confined spaces and keep workers out of hazardous environments. Feed image data on programmed routes into specialized downstream software for the detection of health and safety issues.via: bostondynamics

VIABoston Dynamics
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