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Wood Carving FORD RAPTOR Special Edition


Youtube artisan Woodworking Art starts out with a massive chunk of wood before using a chisel and drill to carve out the body,with the body carved out, he creates the hood and doors.Following completion of the subframe, intricate details are added on top of one another.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

Then the entire build is sped up to fit into this 10 minutes video The wooden model FORD RAPTOR features a set of giant fender flares, a suspension lift and large wheels and tires to give it a towering stance.Watch the video from Woodworking Art:

This pickup model also has an actual working suspension underneath it, which is impressive.The finishing touch is a spare tire and jerry can mounted to the tailgate, in case the driver has a flat or runs a bit low on fuel out on the trails.


The amount of detail on the vehicle, scale 1:12, is really amazing, starting from the basic elements, through off-road accessories to miniature details, such as the Ford logo, “patterns” on off-road tires, “rivets” on the fenders, engine space, etc.To build this Ford F150 RAPTOR scale replica it took many hours of work and many manuals and tools to shape the model.Woodworking Art

VIAWoodworking Art
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