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Squid Warehouse Fully-Automated Fleet Of Robots


BionicHIVE is developing SqUID, the only warehouse fully-automated solution that easily adapts to the customer’s current working model of operation, using the same facilities, same boxes and same shelving racks.

source/image(PrtSc): BionicHIVE Ltd.

Our solution picks from floor to ceiling and retrofits onto any existing warehouse infrastructure.SqUID consists of a synchronized autonomous robotic fleet that has 3-dimensional movement capabilities, allowing a fully flexible operation.

A high-end embedded control system and smart real-time data analysis allow BionicHIVE’s algorithmic engine to dynamically learn problems created in one warehouse and apply resolutions to all warehouses in the network.


The robot’s ability to climb shelves up to any height is also unique. Being able to move boxes along the ground, place them on shelves and retrieve them using the same robot eliminates the need for different types of equipment like forklifts and other load vehicles.//bionichive

VIABionicHIVE Ltd.
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