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Stealth Kitchen & Bedroom Sets Microflat Mode In Art Gallery


Lawrence Blairs has hosted up to 90 people in his small gallery and few of them would guess that behind closed doors lie his bedroom and kitchen. Blairs bought the condo because of the good light and high ceilings for hanging art. He added opaque glass sliding doors on a track system to close off the bedroom.

source/image(PrtSc): Kirsten Dirksen

To hide his very slim, compact kitchen, he lowers a white projection screen which not only serves as a blank canvas for art, but also for projecting movies.

To divide the space further- for more intimate gatherings- Blairs created a sliding shoji screen with rice paper and barn door tracks.


The entire space is run with thin tracks along the ceiling from which hang transparent nylon cords to mount art; even the bathroom uses the system and Blairs continues his exhibits into the loo to provide a continuous experience. Blairs boasts that his events force a special interaction that is both cultured soiree and intimate house party.

VIAKirsten Dirksen
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