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Sunflower Innovative Autonomus Home Security Drone


Meet Sunflower: the evolution of home security. Sunflower’s intelligent home-awareness system combines the world’s first fully-autonomous residential drone with always-on activity sensors and powerful AI computing, to learn the routines of your property and alert you to unusual activity.

source/image: Sunflower Labs

A mobile app allows you to receive activity notifications, launch the drone, and view real-time video of your property from anywhere in the world. Each Sunflower contains an array of motion and vibration sensors, for continuous activity detection in a 20-foot radius.

Named as the world’s first fully autonomous residential security drone, the Sunflower Intelligent Home Awareness System consists of ground-based units called Sunflowers which look like garden lights and use motion and vibration sensors to detect movement in your yard.


The intelligent 3-part system learns your property’s routines and alerts you to unusual activity.Designed for safety and performance, the lightweight drone features sophisticated technology for autonomous flight, high-quality video capture and accurate landing and charging, each and every time.