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Super Impressive Tiny House With Master Bedroom


“Our Lee model sits on a 32’ Movable Roots Trailer and features our signature 2′ extension on the rear making it 34′ over its entirety.

source/image: Tiny House Listings

Our goal for this layout was to have a little more living area space and a smaller but still very usable kitchen space.

source/image: Tiny House Listings

The Lee boasts a main floor master bedroom with huge closet space as well as an alternating step staircase to the second-floor loft bedroom.


Very spacious pass through bathroom with walk in shower and washer/dryer combo. The use of quality materials and our superior building methods will have this home lasting from generation to generation.”

Tiny homes are “cheap and energy efficient,” but “lost in the enthusiasm is the fact that in many places, it is hard to live in them legally.”Tiny houses are ideal for younger people, but families have been known to live in them as well.They’re warmer than traditional houses, use less electricity.

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