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Super Solid Tiny Prefab House with Transforming Furniture


In this video, we’re touring a modern and minimalist 200 square foot prefab accessory dwelling unit that’s built to be transported and set up almost anywhere (wait until you see one being helicoptered into place!).

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

These units are fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and a transforming living room and bedroom thanks to a murphy bed sofa setup. They are built by Hewing Haus and come in several different sizes and layouts, from 200-600 square feet.

Hewing Haus builds their homes with cross-laminated timbers (CLT) and they insulate on the outside. Building in this way creates a very quiet and energy-efficient home that requires little energy to heat.


As with most small spaces and well-sealed homes, air quality is very important. Each unit has a Heat Recovery Ventilation unit, as well as extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom./Exploring Alternatives