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Tesla Model S Plaid World’s Fastest And Coolest Sedan Review


Tesla Model S Plaid review! The Tesla Model S Plaid is tremendously impressive, and today I’m going to show you what makes it so amazing. First I’ll take you on a thorough tour of the Plaid and show you all its quirks and features, then I’ll get it out on the road and drive the Plaid for a full review of the Model S Plaid.

source/image(PrtSc): Doug DeMuro

With the longest range and quickest acceleration of any electric vehicle in production, Model S Plaid is the highest performing sedan ever built. Both Long Range and Plaid powertrains, with updated battery architecture, are capable of back-to-back, consistent 1/4 mile runs. Watch the video from Doug DeMuro:

Long Range and Plaid platforms unite powertrain and battery technologies for unrivaled performance, range and efficiency. New module and pack thermal architecture allows faster charging and gives you more power and endurance in all conditions.


Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive platform with torque vectoring features three independent motors, each with a carbon-sleeved rotor that maintains peak power output all the way to top speed.The Plaid model boasts a third electric motor, which boosts combined output to 1020 horsepower, the car is capable of a zero-to-60-mph time of just 2.0 seconds, the range is 396mi./

VIADoug DeMuro
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