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Testing The Top Speed Limits Of An Autonomous Race Car – Go Robocar Go


Calculated performance is one thing, testing the physical limitations of new technology in the real world is another. Recently, the Roborace team decided to find out just how fast its autonomous race car could go in a straight line.

source/image(PrtSc): Roborace

Robocar has the power, the aerodynamics, and it certainly looks fast, but how does that translate on a test track when there’s nothing but raw computing power keeping it all together at the very limits of performance?

Roborace is the world’s first competition for human + machine teams, using both self-driving and manually-controlled cars.


Race formats will feature new forms of immersive entertainment to engage the next generation of racing fans. Through sport, innovations in machine-driven technologies will be accelerated.Roborace will redefine the way you think about autonomous technology.

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