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The 1906 Adams-Farwell With Rotary Engine

“It spins like a top.” That’s how Adams-Farwell described the engine. This Adams-Farwell Series 6 40/45 hp touring car, with a 5 cylinder engine of 490.9 cu in (8,044 cc) and coachwork by Connolly Carriage & Buggy Co. (1906) is the only known Adams-Farwell in existence.It is on display at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.

source/image: EarthAdvocate

About 1895, Farwell began experimenting with an internal combustion engined automobile, for which he conceived a horizontally mounted rotary engine with three cylinders.

The vertically standing crank shaft was fixed in the chassis. Farwell felt this configuration was lighter than conventional engines as it used neither a flywheel — since the spinning engine crankcase and cylinders acted as their own flywheel when running — nor radiator, because of its air cooled design.


Farwell completed the first prototype in 1898. Basically a horse-drawn carriage, he mounted his engine between the front wheels. This proved impractical, so his second car, appropriately named number 2, had the engine installed in the rear as all Adams-Farwells would thereafter. This car used bicycle wheels; the next had wooden artillery wheels./wikipedia