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The Beast – A 27L V12 Rolls Royce Merlin Engine Street Legal Car


John Dodd brought his 27 litre merlin engined car known as “The Beast” to the Dunsfold wings and wheel event, amazing to see such a huge engine fitted in a car, and its street legal, also surprisingly quiet when running.

source/image: Wonkabar007

A 27 litre Merlin V12 with 4 valves per cylinder,double overhead cams,originally with a supercharger(later higher-atitude versions had two in line superchargers), producing 1,000 bhp.

source/image: gtspeed

The engine is the same as installed in many fighter bombers aircrafts in the Second World War,such as the spitfire and Lancaster,etc.This one was originally fitted in a Boulton-Paul trainer,is of 27 litres capacity and was rated at over 1.000 horse power.


The Car in question was purpose built for the Merlin V12, having a custom fabricated chassis, designed and built by Paul Jameson, who could not find a suitable body for the project and thus sold it to John Dodd, who ended up completing the build.

The bodywork was based off a Ford Capri with an elongated bonnet, and it was made out of fiberglass. The Merlin engine itself was stripped of its superchargers and fitted with Holley carburetors, and it uses a TH400 Automatic transmission.