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Tiny House Transforms With The Push Of A Button


The Aurora tiny house in Calgary, Alberta is one of those tiny houses that make you go “whoa”. With two slideouts that double the overall width of the home, there’s plenty of room to more than stretch out.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Listings

When completely expended, the home has over 375 square feet of living space. Crazy! And it can also be towed down the road without a permit since when contracted, the home’s width is well within the legal road limit.

The home itself is beautiful along with all of the amenities and the home’s overall design. Thanks to Shannon from Zero Squared for the putting together the video for us. Enjoy!


The Aurora contains separate living spaces (thanks to the centre wall – which is not load bearing) and allows owners to downsize without downgrading. A full size fridge and shower, queen size bed, and a functional design make this possible. At 26ft long, 13’6″high, 8’6″ wide (slides closed) and 15’10” (slides open), the Aurora is one of the most livable tiny homes.