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The bikeBOX24 XL a New Generation Of Motorcycle Garages


Easy to use – quick acess for spontanous rides and safe protection against weather and theft. This motorcycle garage requires only the footprint of a motorcycle and has a comfortable to handle and lockable tailgate with a high-quality cylinder lock.

source/image: bikeBOX24 GmbH

The bikeBOX 24 is made of the highest quality high-tech plastic. This impact-resistant, extremely UV-resistant and very easy-care material has been used successfully for years in the bodywork of motor vehicles.

The bikeBOX 24 has a very solid and weatherproof impregnated bottom plate, as it is also used in car trailers. If necessary, the bikeBOX 24 can also be screwed to the ground via the base plate.


The standard version is suitable for all sports motorcycles, scooters, small and medium sized touring and chopper and costs 2990 euros, the XL variant 3985 euros.

VIA bikeBOX24 GmbH
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