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The Cake Kalk Zero-Emissions E-Motorcycles For Exploration & Travel

The CAKE Kalk bike from CAKE Swedish company, built for light off-road performance, uses an industrial standard IPM motor, customized for CAKE and made in Europe. It’s a range 7-15 kW mid motor, powered by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery for torque and range, conducted by specifically developed and tuned software, for the controller and dynamic performance.

source/image: ridecake

With the intention of simplicity, promoting easiness in terms of riding as well as maintenance, it’s a light bike weighing in at sub 70 kilos, using a single pivot direct drive, reducing the number of heavy and moving parts.

source/image: ridecake

The suspension is specifically developed, by Öhlins supporting the category of hi performance at minimum weight.Nothing has been left aside and every part including axles, hubs, cockpit, sprockets and even the tires (to minimize wear and footprint of trails being used), have been explicitly designed and engineered for the ultimate experience.


Promo video from Cake, the new company created by POC founder Stefan Ytterborn, to make quiet, zero-emissions e-motorcycles for exploration and travel.read more:  ridecake

The light and snappy ride, with it’s focus on off and on trail riding, in the outback, means that its main character is about torque and acceleration, while providing a quiet gliding and surfy experience. Thanks to it’s digital pre setting, serving for 3 different riding modes, it will let anyone fly at their own level.// ridecake