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The Chairless Chair V2.0 – A Wearable Chair That Allows You to Sit Anywhere At Any Time

The Swiss company Noonee, has now developed a solution for relieving the strain on legs and backs that is both imaginative and simple – the chairless chair. Unlike other exoskeleton concepts, the batteries of the chairless chair are not limited to only lasting a few hours, but rather they can last several days.

source/image: noonee Ltd

The focus of the development of the Chairless Chair 2.0. has been the improvement of the walking comfort as well as the flexibility.

To ensure this the weight of the exoskeleton was significantly reduced and the range of sizing enlarged. The flexible material of the belt adapts to the body shape, ensuring a tight fit.


Noonee closely worked with the employees of famous auto companies Audi, Seat, Skoda, Daimler, BMW and Renault to understand the needs of workers on the factory floor.It straps around the hips and legs, and provides you with a comfy place to sit just by bending your legs and resting your weight on them.

New features of the Chairless Chair include:

  • • A significant weight reduction of more than 25%.
  • • A wider range in size adaptation, allowing users of 1,50m to 1,95m in height to wear the Chairless Chair.
  • • A new design presented in continuous black, modern and lean.
  • • A leaner and lighter Shoe Connector.
  • • A rubber joint bearing for more security and flexibility of motion.
  • • New material and design for all textile parts.
  • • The vest, available in two sizes, has a minimal contact area (oder: with minimal body contact), is easy to adjust and provides a 4-point-fixation to the belt.
  • • Optimized with regard to fitting, sizing, breathability and comfort.
  • • Even more durable and comfortable.