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Scania AXL Cabless Autonomous Concept Truck Without a Cab


Introducing the latest member of our autonomous family: Scania AXL, a fully autonomous concept truck, without a cab.In what is another milestone in the development of heavy self-driving vehicles, a group of Scania experts in different fields have teamed up and developed a concept truck, which, even without the cab, has the company’s modular system at the heart of the design.

source/image: Scania Group

As different industries look to streamline transport assignments and make them more sustainable, self-driving vehicles are increasingly being considered.Mines and large closed construction sites are examples of environments that are favourable for self-driving pilots since they are well-controlled locations.

The combustion engine that powers the concept vehicle is an example of how traditional and new technology is mixed. It is advantageously powered by renewable biofuel.


The robust and powerful features and design behind Scania AXL match the tougher environments in mines and large construction sites. A new intelligent front module replaces the traditional cab, but even without a cab the concept is easily recognisable as a Scania.

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