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The Hero Flyer – A Full Scale, Manned, E-Multi-Rotor Drone


Hero Flyer is a full scale, manned, electric multi-rotor specifically designed for the entertainment and marketing industries.

source/image: Hero Flyer

Nature of performance:An anonymous pilot wears the costume of a Super Hero, Movie/TV Character, Sports Team or branded flight suit, performing to the amazement of viewers at charity events, amusement parks, sporting events, conventions, grand openings, corporate events, movie premieres, commercials and other venues.via: Hero Flyer

Hero Flyer is modular by design. Each motor, motor controller, batteries and associated electronics are isolated into a “power module”. A failure of any component in a module, including batteries, has no effect on any other module and flight continues.


There are two completely isolated flight stabilization systems with their own power. If one fails for any reason, it has no effect and flight continues. Additionally, no GPS, barometric sensor, magnetometer, or radio signals are used to prevent outside interference.

The pilot has vibration feedback sensors in the helmet giving him the status of primary and backup systems without the need to look at instruments. There are several other safety measures in place as well. It may look like a large drone and seem similar to other videos, but it is quite unique and a very robust design.

VIAHero Flyer
SOURCEHero Flyer
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