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The HET is the World’s Most Reliable Electric Motor


CEO Brad Hunstable discussing the reliability of the HET motor, which is unparalleled due to our unique design. Our motors can function with one or more shorted coils which is imperative for mission and life critical applications like air mobility.

source/image: Linear Labs

Combine our reliability and efficient high torque production at low RPMs and you have the world’s safest motor that directly drives propellers, pulleys, and wheels.

The HET motor is the new paradigm in volumetric torque direct drive motors.The Het motor is a 3 dimensional circumferential flux 4 rotor machine. The stator is fully encapsulated in a four-sided “magnetic torque tunnel,” each side having the same polarity.


Ensuring that all magnetic fields are in the direction of motion, and there are no unused ends on the copper coils wasting energy. Theelectronic transmission allows a 48-coil, 8-pole, 6-phase HET to simulate three, two or one phases by grouping them.

The HET motor is a new class of motor and these new motors currently produce torque up to an 8:1 gear ratio for the same size permanent magnet machine used today. This produces unprecedented high torque and very high efficiencies at low RPMs.

VIA Linear Labs
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