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The Isabella Camp-let Premium Trailer Tent

Isabella Camp-let is a trailer tent created with a view to enjoying camping in close contact with nature without having to forego a kitchen, beds of high quality, a large living area, plenty of room for luggage and much more besides.It’s easy to put up and takes very little of your time.

source/image(PrtSc): Camp-let Production A/S

Isabella Camp-let is compact when folded up and packed away, yet spacious when put up. It has a unique Scandinavian style and look, and is ready to accompany you on your magnificent outdoor adventures.How to setup a Isabella Camp-let Premium. The video shows simple steps on how to set up your Isabella Camp-let Premium trailer tent.

source/image(PrtSc): Camp-let Production A/S

Camp-let Trailer Tents are built on a compact, lightweight trailer and have a simple pram hood design which ensures they can be easily towed by small cars and manoeuvred and erected single handed by almost anyone.They are made to the highest possible standards using only carefully selected materials from preferred suppliers.


Camp-let demonstrates a commitment to quality and attention to detail rarely seen in the camping industry which ensures they last 2 to 3 times longer than most.The Camp-let models use the same quick erect design and cater for couples to large family groups.

They can also be further tailored with a range of accessories and options to better meet your requirements.It’s all up in minutes, starting with a swing-out kitchen module.Then, the trailer lid hinges over on gas-assisted struts before the awning and bedroom compartments can be pulled over in one single movement.//isabella