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The KTM ION Concept – The Electric Motorcycle Of The Future

The new KTM looks more like a bicycle than a motorcycle. To be more precise, it fall somewhere in between and it is perfect for city riding. Recharge it in your home and head to work!

source/image: Daniel Brunsteiner/behance

This concept has a different approach, though. The KTM Ion is basically a cross between a motorcycle and a bicycle.It’s stylish, compact, and perfect for the urban dweller who’d like something fuel efficient to zip around the city in.

source/image: Daniel Brunsteiner/behance

The Designer Daniel Brunsteiner also borrowed the concept of a thick rear tire from aggressive street bikes along with bullhorn handlebars, a leather saddle seat with integrated tail lighting


The rechargeable Ion contains a 260V battery and a KTM electric engine to power it.While e-motorcycles are starting to make a statement, this could become even more of a hit.

source/image: Daniel Brunsteiner/behance

Made for the city streets, ION creates an extreme driving experience in the urban environment. The essence is immersion. No distractions.