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The Liebherr T 284,The Largest Dump Truck in the World With 4,000 hp Engine


The Liebherr T 284 mining truck represents Liebherr’s advancement of the successful T 282 C.It continues to be the lightest (lowest empty vehicle weight) and most capable (highest payload) ultra-class mining truck, while offering reduced fuel consumption, delivering over 4,000 hp.

source/image: Awesome Earthmovers

The T 284 achieves this by combining its trademark low empty vehicle weight (EVW) and electric drive system. The key to this empty vehicle weight is the T 284’s durable, lightweight frame.

The T 284 has a 400 ton payload capacity with a gross weight of 661 ton. This enormous vehicle is equipped with a 20-cylinder diesel engine with a gross power output of up to 4,000HP.


T 284 is uniquely equipped with the Liebherr high altitude kit, allowing the truck to perform efficiently in extreme geographical conditions, maintaining standard performance of the truck.

VIA Awesome Earthmovers
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