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The Link Between Japanese Samurai & Real Indigo

Real indigo-dyed clothing is not like the blue you know. Richer than the chemical blues used on most fabrics today, real indigo dye comes from a plant and has a surprising range of qualities: on fabric it is antibacterial, flame resistant and repels odor and dirt.

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

With roots in Japanese culture dating back to the 1600s, indigo-dyed fabrics were worn under the armor of samurais to help keep bacteria from wounds. Today, five farmers keep the tradition of growing indigo alive in Tokushima, Japan.

Over the decades the color indigo became synonymous with samurai culture. Under their armor samurai would wear indigo dyed garments as a way to protect their bodies from infection and help protect wounds.


The beauty and durability of Japanese indigo dye has made it inextricably linked to products from acclaimed Japanese denim to contemporary fashion.