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The MAFI T225D Transport Truck/Tractor For In-Plant Transportation


MAFI diesel tractors are used all over the world for shunting containers and semi-trailers and for loading and unloading of RoRo-ships.Our portfolio is complemented by goosenecks, cargo- and rolltrailers, container chassis as well as industrial and heavy-duty trailers.

source/image: MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH

The T 225 D distribution tractor is used especially for moving semi-trailers in distribution and logistics centers. Significantly more freedom between the semi-trailer and the driver’s cab is achieved thanks to the long wheelbase of 3,500 mm.

A 210-litre diesel tank enables a three-shift operation, and the specification includes rear air-suspension and a hydraulically elevating fifth wheel with a 25-tonne lifting capacity, operated via a joystick in the cab. The cab can be specified in right- or left-hand drive, and the XXL glass cabin has a fully glazed door.MAFI


Brake and power supply are easy to connect The driver works safely, comfortably and effectively. The required low fifth wheel height is achieved by special tires.The tractors are available for a 5th wheel lifting capacity up to 45 t. In addition system loads up to 250 t can be handled.MAFI