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The OC Robotics Series 2 X125 System, A Robot That Moves Like a Giant Snake!


OC Robotics is pleased to introduce the Series II – X125 system. This Series II system builds upon the successful JetSnake product deployed on the Miami port tunnel boring machine. The robot’s arm, or snake-like part, is 2.2 metres long and can bend and twist like a serpent to over 225 degrees.OCRobotics

source/image(PrtSc): OCRobotics

The Series II – X125 system delivers a 6kg payload, arm bend of over 225 degrees and a highly flexible tip. The 2.2m arm has passed a series of extended operational tests and been designed for increased reliability and easy maintenance to reduce through life costs.read more: OCRobotics

This particular Series II – X125 system has been successfully deployed with a high pressure water jet and inspection camera. Different tools can be selected to compliment the snake-arm, depending on application.


It moves like something out of a science fiction movie and is very impressive. The Series 2 X125 System is designed to be used in situations such as nuclear reactors and chemical plants. It can carry all sorts of tools ranging from water hoses to cutting torches./OCRobotics