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The Terraquad Quadski Amphibious Four-Wheeler ATV!

Terraquad is a derivative of the already established Quadski platform. It has a side by side seating configuration, roof bars, and a rear load deck, similar in concept to a typical UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle).

source/image(PrtSc): Gibbs Amphibians

The integration of HSA technology however, provides a vehicle platform that can also use waterways, so can access many more areas than an ordinary UTV.

The potential applications for this versatile platform in many differing roles are significant.The Terraquad is a powerful UTV on land. Equipped with a 140 horsepower four-cylinder engine “a 1300 cubic inch BMW K1300”, the Terraquad can hit 50 miles per hour.


The UTV is a two-seater with a small bed in the back. The Terraquad can reach up to 45mph on the sea. While in the water, this UTV is powered by Gibbs’ custom jet technology.via/read more: gibbsamphibians