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The World’s First And Only Shirt Made From Upcycled Milk

The Limitless Milk Shirt is odor free, anti-bacterial, unbelievably soft, moisture wicking, wrinkle resistant, temperature regulating, and stretches in every direction to move with your body. It is truly the one shirt you can wear day in and day out, no matter the weather, occasion, or location.

source: MiTerro /image: Robert Luo

Meticulously crafted from the yarn up to combine high performance with shirt comfort, this one-of-the-kind shirt replaces at least four shirts in your bag. The Limitless Milk Shirt is the perfect shirt for work, outdoors, travel and every day.Unlike cotton shirts that are thick and bulky, the Limitless Milk Shirts are light and breathable, the shirt enhances the capabilities of your skin; keeping you warm when it’s cold and cooling you down when it’s warm.

At the same time helping your body control micro bacterial growth and kill the unwanted bacteria.According to Ecosalon, milk fibers contain 20 amino acids that are beneficial to health. The amino acids in the protein have actually been found to be anti-bacterial and anti-aging and can help regulate blood circulation and body temperature. Good news for conscious shoppers looking for clothes that do double duty.


Mi Terro is a startup based in Los Angeles that is making clothes. What makes it different from any other clothing brand? It is the choice of material of Mi Terro that sets it apart. Did you know that dairies get rid of milk that is deemed unfit for human consumption? Mi Terro uses that milk to create T-shirts, and reportedly these t-shirts offer quite a lot of benefits as opposed to the regular cotton t-shirts. The project is live on kickstarter now.