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The World’s Greatest Pontoon Bridge – The M3 Amphibious Rig


Capable of reaching high speeds over rough terrain as well as swimming the fastest rivers, the M3 Rig is undoubtedly the ultimate amphibian.Not only does the vehicle race around on land and water, but it lets entire armies do it too.

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With its deployable ballast tanks and splash shield, the M3 can go from land vehicle to high speed watercraft within just a few minutes, boasting incredible performance and manoeuvrability.

Once in the water, the 26 tonne machine faces two key issues – power and drag. To combat this, the M3 boasts two water jets (one at the front, one at the rear) and a 360 degree swivable head for power assistance, as well as wheels that can be tucked in to reduce drag.


Of course, its most impressive feature is its ability to combine with one another and form a fully functioning mobile bridge. In just under 9 minutes, any number of M3s can join up and allow entire 70+ tonne tanks to cross entire rivers, before disbanding and dispersing before the enemy even has a clue they were there.