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The World’s Most Modified 2000 Kenworth W900 L Truck

Custom semi trucks are definitely in a class of their own. Slick, show room mirror finish paint jobs, accessorized with creative, unique touches.All the makings for rigs that become the center of attention at truck shows and on the road.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

The old school in show trucks look has taken a jump in popularity in custom rigs over the past years.TWO BROTHERS have given a 2000 Kenworth W900 L truck the ultimate custom rig – making it one of the world’s most modified trucks. Watch the video from Barcroft Cars for more info:

Raul and Roland Mendez, from San Antonio, Texas are the ingenious minds behind the award-winning 750 horsepower, Kenworth, one of the most modified trucks in the world, known as Project TOC.


The truck took almost a year and a half to complete and the brothers estimate they have customised over 90% of the truck, spending up to $180,000 in the process.