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Pygmy Marmoset – The Amallest And The Cutest Monkeys In The World


Finger Monkey also known as the Pygmy Maromoset, a finger monkey hails from the smallest species of monkeys in the world.This tiny monkey species can fit in the palm of your hand and weighs about the same as a stick of butter. They are only about 5-6 inches long, including the tail! Native to the rainforests of the Western Amazon basin in South America, it can be found in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia.

source/image: tronentertainment

Their miniature size enables them to quickly move around treetops in search of food and getting away from predators. Weighing in at approximately 3 to 5 ounces, and able to fit in your hand, they may be the smallest monkey but not the smallest primate.

source/image: Polish Dr Dolittle

Tree sap is their favorite food source but is supplemented with fruits and protein rich insects, as well as nectar.They are very small but very quickly. Their fingernails are like claws to help them climb up and down tree trunks.


They do not have opposable thumbs. The tail is not prehensile, but it helps the little monkey keep its balance as it gallops through the treetops.video by: Polish Dr Dolittle

The average adult body weight is just over 100 grams. The fur colour is a mixture of brownish-gold, grey, and black on its back and head and yellow, orange, and tawny on its underparts. Its tail has black rings and its face has flecks of white on its cheeks and a white vertical line between its eyes.

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