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This Gorgeous Tiny House Runs Completely On Solar Energy!


This gorgeous tiny house has a lot a lot of juice, as you’ll see in the video. So much so, that it can run completely off of solar energy.

source/image: Tiny House Listings

Our friend Doug from Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama was kind enough to hook us up with a video tour of his latest build.

source/image: Tiny House Listings

The tiny house has two bedrooms, one is a loft and the master is a fully standup bedroom with tons of storage, mostly under the bed.


What a lovely build! No need to bring hookup electricity, just park this beauty in a sunny spot and generate your energy. One more recurring bill to knock off of bill list!

This home is built on a 28′ x 8′ 6″ trailer with a 7′ goose neck for a total of 35′ of spacious and stylish living. Furthermore, this beautifully trimmed cedar house boasts a full solar system and composting toilet, making it off-grid capable.

VIATiny House Listings
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