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Tiny House Built By Love Family and Community


This is a true tiny house love story. A tale of how a house becomes not only a home but a character in someones life. When Karissa decided to build a tiny house for herself, her family, friends and community rallied in support to help make her build possible. She is lucky to have those connections in her life and that fortune became just as much a part of the homes construction as any timber or nails.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

This tiny house is beautiful. It’s cleverly designed, skilfully built, warm, well insulated and cosy. What truly makes it a home though is the story of it’s DIY construction and how a loving and supportive family and community came together to make this young woman’s dream possible.

Upon entering the space one of the first items that you see is a small couch which has been made from Karissa’s Grandmothers old dresser. The history of the piece echoing the deep family connection that has gone into the construction of this home.For many, a comfortable place to rest at night is the most important part of a home. After all, most of the time we spend at home, we are asleep. The loft space is just as welcoming as the rest of the tiny house, with views that stretch out into the surrounding woodland and a comfortable bed.


The kitchen is designed to be used, with lots of bench space to work with, a deep sink and an inviting ambience. For Karissa who loves to cook and bake, this part of the home is an important cornerstone.This is one of my absolute favourite tiny house tours so far. It completely embodies the spirit of a tiny house and how much it can mean to someone. I hope you enjoy this little house tour as much as we enjoyed filming it!