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Turning Aluminium Foil Into a Razor Sharp Knife


This is how I turned aluminium foil into a knife. This is inspired from the recent Japanese polished foil ball challenge that has been going around.If you’ve ever, for some reason, wondered if you can make a knife out of aluminum foil, you can.

source/image: Miller Knives

With a roll of aluminum foil, some heat, a small hammer, a few whetstones, and lots of repetitive tapping and sanding, layers of foil can be turned into a sharpened kitchen knife.

The video began with the person hammering a full roll of aluminum foil to make it as dense as possible before cutting it in the shape of a chef’s knife with a hand saw.


While I don’t imagine it will keep its edge for long, the process of turning a $3 roll of aluminum foil into knife with an absolutely stunning-looking mirrored edge is fantastic to watch.