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V8 1/3 Scale Cosworth DFV V8 F1 Mini Engine


Bouland Motors USA is proud to introduce this unique 1/3rd scale working Cosworth double four valve V8 legendary F1 engine. Over 3 years in development and more than 1200 quality parts make this awesome engine run.

source/image(PrtSc): Bouland Motors USA

This impressive, fully functioning scale model engine with a capacity of 76cc and is made in the Netherlands,and this wonderful sounding high revving little V8 can rev up to 10,000 RPM producing about 7 bhp.

Titanium valves aluminum block and heads, steel cylinder sleeves, billet components. Limited production. Dimensions of the engine, including gearbox and exhaust, are: Length 39cm, Height 19cm and 24cm Width.


It weighs 14kg including its aluminum stand.The craftsmanship is beyond compare and if there is a better way to honor this legendary engine and its race winning legacy./Bouland Motors USA

VIABouland Motors USA
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