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Variable Refrigerant Flow Basics HVAC VRF Systems Explained


VRF System basics, understand the different types of VRF VRV systems and the basics of how they work in the HVAC industry.The ETS 5M ensures low acoustic level and offers full performance bi-flow capability—enabling quiet, precise performance for both cooling and heating.

source/image(PrtSc): The Engineering Mindset

In addition, the ETS 5M is ideal for high evaporating temperature Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) with direct expansion.Watch the video from The Engineering Mindset for more info:

VRFs come in two system formats, two pipe and three pipe systems. In a heat pump two pipe system all of the zones must either be all in cooling or all in heating. Heat Recovery (HR) systems have the ability to simultaneously heat certain zones while cooling others.


This is usually done through a three pipe design, with the exception of Mitsubishi, Carrier and LG whose systems are able to do this with a two pipe system using a branch circuit (BC) controller to the individual indoor evaporator zones. In this case the heat extracted from zones requiring cooling is put to use in the zones requiring heating.//The Engineering Mindset

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