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VIKING LifeCraft, A Self-Propelled Inflatable Vessel With Four Engines – 3D Demonstration

The VIKING LifeCraft™­ system consists of a self-propelled inflatable vessel with four engines, a storing and launching unit either placed on deck or built-in, and an EscapeWay™ chute system to bring evacuees from the boarding point on deck to the craft – a complete high capacity evacuation solution.

source/image: VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

A revolutionary hybrid that combines the advantages of lifeboats and liferafts in a single solutionThe survival craft ­contains up to four VIKING LifeCrafts with a capacity of 200 persons each. – for a total capacity of 800 persons. There is a gangway for stretchers, if needed.

source/image: VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

There is built-in redundancy of capacity to that it can exceed the general capacity of the system. Minimum maintenance is required with integrated storage designed for easy servicing. It takes up less room than lifeboats, freeing up deck space.­


Today’s larger and wider vessels mean that the number of passengers and the variation in trim height and list conditions can be enormous in a distress situation. The LifeCraft™ is a hugely flexible evacuation system that can cope with such extremes.

There are more advantages of this hybrid solution. For instant, the new LifeCraft™ System is safe on an entirely new level, too. A specially designed chute system helps evacuees with special needs, such as children, the elderly and those on stretchers, setting a new standard for full-spectrum marine evacuation.